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Founded in 1986, Coser began operating exclusively with the provision of services in the metal mechanic sector, which served to present and soon consolidate the quality and excellence of the company in the sector. The trust and respect obtained from our customers and employees assured us that we were on the right path. The rapid growth in the 90s forced us to change addresses and expand our area of operation. We were taking our first steps towards the two-wheel market.

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Like any good motorcyclist, we started pedaling. Counterpedal hub, frame save movement and center movement were the first steps in the bicycle market. This would be the embryo for Coser's second major transformation, in the late 90s, beginning of the new millennium. Backed by the approval of consumers and the need of the Brazilian market, Coser starts manufacturing motorcycle parts for replacement, meeting the demands of some customers who were starting to migrate to the motorcycle sector.

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After a difficult start, with just a few models, we reached a quality standard that placed us among the best manufacturers in Latin America. With a line of more than 400 models of transmission kits, all manufactured at our headquarters in Rio Grande do Sul, our products have gone beyond the replacement line to become factory originals. The quality that has become the company's trademark today can be seen in some 0km models from Dafra, KTM and BMW.

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36 years have passed since then. A lot has changed in that time. We at Coser have also changed, for the better. To improve our service, to improve our production, to improve the performance of those who depend on two wheels to work, have fun or simply get around. Anyway, we changed to improve the lives of those who depend on two wheels to live.


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